Prices & Specials

First Time Special

Beginner Pilates Package
3 Private Sessions: $150
1 on 1 with an Instructor
Three 55 minute sessions providing a foundation in Pilates movement, exercises, form, breathing, and familiarity with the equipment. With personalized attention, the instructor has an opportunity to assess and observe your individual needs.
Beginner pilates package: discounted private sessions for first time clients

Private Session

Single session: $78
Package of 8 ($70 each): $560.00
1 on 1 with an Instructor

Private Session with Patte James: $82

Package of 8: $600.00
($75 each)
1 on 1 with the Owner

Semi Private: $45

Package of 8: $320.00
($40 each)
2 people per class

Reformer Class: $35

Package of 10: $300.00
($30 each)
3-4 people per class
Pre-requisite: 3 Private Sessions

Reserve your space, Spots fill up fast!

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At West LA Pilates we have some of the most highly trained professionals in the business. Whatever your age, whatever the injury, Pilates can help you.

Working a Pilates program with us on a regular basis will:

  • improve your physical strength
  • prevent future injuries if done consistently & correctly
  • make you feel healthier & sexier
  • have your friends asking what you’re doing differently

All classes are 55 minutes in length and may include Pilates ball exercises, Pilates exercise machines as well as other equipment to enhance your workout.